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Betta Fish Tank: Water Types & Parameters

22 November 2010 – 00:48

In previous posts, we have discussed how to maintain the quality of water in betta tank to keep it in good condition. Now, we’ll review a little about the type, quality and mineral content in …

Betta Fish Tank Water Maintenance

21 November 2010 – 17:01

This is another of the most important factors to get successfull on raising betta fish fry, maintain our betta fish tank water on good quality. We wanna try to explain some step that must we …

Betta Fish Fry Food

21 November 2010 – 16:57

After Spawning process, next step that is also critical on breeding bettas is raising fry. On this step some factors which most important are keep water in spawning tank on good quality and give proper …

Breeding Betta Fish Lesson

20 November 2010 – 13:23

We are Sorry to repeat this post about breeding betta fish. We think this is basic lesson on betta splendens hobbies. On this moment, we try to describe breeding steps on simply and systematically. So, …

Setting Up a Betta Fish Community Tank

19 November 2010 – 11:28

The first thing to consider when establishing an aquarium that a betta will share with other fish and animals is the size. The rule of thumb is to have a gallon per inch of fish …

Best Tank Mates for Betta Fish

19 November 2010 – 11:27

Quick Fact: Bettas are aggressive, Male bettas tend to be fairly territorial and it’s best to house them alone.They are more aggresive than females. Male betta fish will attack other males that come in to …

Ngimpi Jadi Eksportir Cupang Hias :)

17 November 2010 – 22:05

Semua dari kita pasti sepakat bahwa potensi keanekaragaman hayati khususnya ikan hias Indonesia cukup besar. Siapa yang tak pernah terfikir, singkat kata ‘memimpikan’ menjadi eksportir besar nan sukses dengan memanfaatkan secara optimal ‘kekayaan’ potensi hayati …

Breeding and Raising Crowntail Betta Fish

16 November 2010 – 08:09

I have some question that have been asked by my pals, what different treatment when we breed crowntail betta fish than other betta form? So, is there a difference between breeding and raising a good …