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Giant Betta Fish History

16 October 2010 – 08:48

very interesting to learn how betta splendens variants were created, including how the history of the creation of giant betta fish. betta splendens with large body size was first introduced at the Orlando IBC Convention …

Ideal Tank Size for Betta Splendens

15 October 2010 – 11:30

What size tank ideal for betta splendens? These fundamental questions have appeared at forums Bettasplendens hobbyists, especially for beginner hobbyists. we know that in order to care for our Bettas so they have the best …

Normal Size of Giant Betta Fish

14 October 2010 – 15:27

One variant type of betta splendens are quite popular these days is a Giant Betta. Betta fish this one has a much different body size to body size betta fish in general, this is because …

Jual Beli – Marketing Cupang Hias Online

13 October 2010 – 01:12

Dalam dunia marketing modern, konsep pemasaran produk secara offline memerlukan pendampingan strategi pemasaran online juga. Hal ini tidak bisa dipungkiri di era tren penggunaan internet yang kian meningkat pesat ini. Tidak terkecuali dalam hal jual …

Purpose of Acclimating New Home for Our Betta Splendens

29 September 2010 – 16:26

Whether your betta splendens just arrived from long journey (you bought them by online or just arrived from betta splendens contest that was held in other city)? This condition often make your betta stress. Before …

How did European Hobbiest Breed Their Betta Splendens

25 September 2010 – 10:28

Betta Splendens breeding, each betta splendens hobbiest may be have different way when breed their betta splenden. This defferences way may be adjusted with geographical, climate and other factors. In previous posts BettaPlus have written …

How did Thailand Farmers Breed Their Betta Splendens?

24 September 2010 – 17:21

Some question ask to BettaPlus forum on facebook. How should they (hobbies) do on breeding betta splendens? Even, most of hobbies know how to breed and raise them very well. But not all of them …

Traditional Vs. Modern Plakat Betta Splendens

23 September 2010 – 01:33

Generally, short fin betta splendens are also called as plakats (pronounched from Pluh-Cot, not “Plackit”, in thailand language, used for “Bitting Fish”) divide into two general (plakats) finnage variation, they are: Traditional Plakat Betta and …