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Big Ears Betta Fish | Cupang Dumbo

21 April 2012 – 00:19

Big Ears Betta Fish atau dalam Bahasa Indonesia disebut sebagai Cupang Dumbo. Varian terbaru dari hasil pengembangan pemijahan selektif yang telah menghasilkan ikan cupang hias elok ini. Cupang Dumbo atau Big Ears Betta Fish ini, …


27 March 2012 – 02:33

JUAL IKAN CUPANG KUALITAS KONTES – Sobat hobiis sedang mancari ikan cupang hias dengan kualitas baik, layak untuk dikonteskan? So, kunjungilah fan page BettaPlus, di halaman tersebut kami menawarkan beragam ikan cupang hias dari berbagai …

Betta Fish Food

8 March 2012 – 12:11

Betta fish food is available in a variety of forms, and therefore it may be confusing to a different owner attempting to figure just how much as well as what he ought to be feeding …

Betta Fish Care: Feeding Treats

8 March 2012 – 10:45

Since starting this blog, We’ve many userful information here by what is effective and does not work assisting people effective Betta fish care. I understand about taking care of the astounding aquarium that’s the Betta …

Anatomy of the Japanese Fighting Fish

28 December 2011 – 13:57

Post by Sarah Munn
The fish most commonly identified as Bettas are a species of the genus Betta called Betta splendens. Like other Bettas, these fish can endure in really small bodies of clean water, many …

Betta Crowntail Aquarium

28 December 2011 – 01:59

Write-up by charlieellsworth
The Proper Way to Set Up and Appropriately Maintain ACrowntail Betta Aquarium
When you actually picked your current Crowntail Beta it most surely arrived in a glass sized container, but they will want to …

Betta Fish Care Made Easy

27 December 2011 – 13:57

If you want to find out about betta fish care, then you are going to want to examine through this article. Particularly we’ll examine how they live in the wild, their simple diet regime and …

Adopting a Betta Fish – A Unique Pet Ownership

27 December 2011 – 13:39

Article by Furtaw Edey
DietThese are sorted as dry and reside. Dry foods are pellets, flakes, and dried bloodworms. I even feed my bettas grinded “Humpy Head” a meals for flower horns but these make my …