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Follow The Simple Betta Fish Care To keep Your Fish Healthy And In Good Shape

13 December 2011 – 15:28

A single of the most beloved breed of a lot of aquarium fish breeders is the betta fish. It is a fresh water fish that generally arrives in radiant and gorgeous shades. Getting an aquarium …

Betta Fish Care – 7 Simple Things You Need to Know to Provide Proper Betta Fish Care

11 December 2011 – 13:57

It can be quite a fulfilling experience to maintain betta fish. Betta treatment may be a lot a lot more concerned than just shifting the drinking water and feeding it.
When it will come to caring …

Betta Fish Care the Simple Way

8 December 2011 – 13:57

Betta fish care couldn’t be less difficult genuinely, they are very a tiny fish only developing amongst two to five inches in size in their whole lives and they are quite simple to retain and …

Betta Fish Care – Betta Fish Maintenance

8 December 2011 – 01:57

BETTA FISH CARE – In purchase to guarantee the continued health of your betta fish, its habitat is going to demand some normal routine maintenance. Views will vary on this subject, but what follows are …

Top Tips for Betta Fish Care!

8 December 2011 – 01:56

Betta Fish Care Tips – Betta fish are stunning freshwater fish that occur in a selection of stunning shades. They make fantastic aquarium fish for numerous good reasons such as getting inexpensive to preserve and …


7 December 2011 – 16:35

Betta fish Care Tips – Betta fish, which popular with the name Siamese fighting fish. This fish is acknowledged for its fighting character and is also one among the famous fishes all over the world. …


5 December 2011 – 14:15

On BETTA FISH CARE, Never put two male bettas together within the same aquarium. Think cautiously before you decide to put a male and female betta fish together inside a community tank – when they …

Betta Fish Breeding Tips

21 November 2011 – 12:30

Betta fish breeding tips can help you breed these within the right manner. By using some easy Betta fish breeding tips, you’ll have the ability to effectively breed Betta fish seafood and acquire Betta fish …