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Submitted by on 18 September 2011 – 09:35

BEST CROWNTAIL BETTA CHARACTERISTICS – Crowtail betta fish is one of the most popular betta splendens variety. Like other variety on betta family they are also one of the most common species that are breed for judging.

The Betta Crowntail have a series of small extensions on their tail on other primary fins. The edge of extraordinary decoration has been related to the fine points of a crown. This is how the siamese fighting fish crowntail variety is drawn from.

Let us begin by looking at the definition of characteristics for a pure Crowntail Betta as outlined by the IBC Crowntail Standards. The standards only apply to the Male Crown Tail bettas. Female Crowntails are judged during the standard color classes and for the respective color types.

For the purpose of showing in the CT (Crowntail) class, Crowntails are defined as bettas exhibiting at least 33% reduction in webbing versus ray length in each of the three primary fins (caudal, anal and dorsal). This requirement must be demonstrated in all three primary fins but does not need to be exhibited between all rays to meet the minimum requirement to be classified as a Crowntail betta. Bellow are sub variety of crowntail:

  • The Single Ray (SR) Betta Crowntail, web margins are uniform and reduction is equal.
  • Cross Ray – The crossing of rays (‘CR’) is manifested by pairs of ray extensions that curve over each other.
  • Double Ray – In the ‘DR’ CT, webbing is reduced at the two levels: one between a pair of rays and the other, more profoundly, between two ray branches. Betta enthusiasts put an absolute premimum on double-fin and quadruple fin extension Betta Crowntails. These characteristics are considered to be neutral aren’t to be scored above single ray extended Betta Crowntails. Four ray and even eight ray extensions are less common and the effect is almost always confined to the caudal fin only.
  • Double-Double Fin – “DDF” is a 2×2 ray, otherwise a four ray complete extended branching.
  • Random Ray : This term basically indicates the caudal span has mixed all variations of rays including single, double, tertiary and quadruple branching all mixed up. It is used to describe those whose extended ray patterns are not fixed.

For the purpose of judging Crowntail Betta in IBC sanctioned showing, So to get a crowntail betta champion, you must pay attention to BEST CROWNTAIL BETTA CHARACTERISTICS bellow:

1. Thirty three percent reduction in material for each ray is minimum. Fifty percent reduction in webbing on all primary rays is considered perfect.

2. Ray extensions to be uniform in balance, length and spacing (symmetrical).

3. Double and Quadruple fin extensions in anal and dorsal rays to match caudal extensions.

on the other hand, here are the characters who are less well from crowntail betta / Undesirable traits for Crowntails:

1. Less than 33% reduction in webbing material in 2 or all 3 primary fins is a DISQUALIFYING FAULT.

2. Webbing in the primary ray that is less than 33% is considered a SEVERE fault.

3. Rays of varying measurements are considered minor faults unless the fins are relatively even and match in pattern.

4. For instance, random fins or singular protruding fins in a double fin or 4 fin Crowntail Beta, will not be valued more than a MINOR penalty and not penalized if there is only a single fin protruding.

5. Curled or bent ray extensions are each a MINOR fault.

6. Non-symmetrical spaces between ray extensions are each a MINOR fault in Betta Crowntails.

So, by this post, we hope you can ‘make’ BEST CROWNTAIL BETTA FISH CHARACTERISTIC to get a betta fish as champion.

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