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Betta Fish Care: Feeding Treats

Submitted by on 8 March 2012 – 10:45

Since starting this blog, We’ve many userful information here by what is effective and does not work assisting people effective Betta fish care. I understand about taking care of the astounding aquarium that’s the Betta fish! I think you’ll learn lots, you should also share this short article with anybody you believe it might help!

betta fish care feeding treats

I do this article around the actual feeding of Betta fish. Although it appears just like a easy task (and regardless of the next hundreds of words, it truly is!), people have lots of questions regarding it, and so i thought it would be a great starting point. It is also worth mentioning, should you did not know, that overfeeding is a big reason for new Betta fish proprietors accidentally killing their finned buddies, but we’ll reach more on that later.

Firstly: Exactly what do Betta fish eat?

Within the wild, Betta fish eat {small|tiny|smaller} bugs on the surface of water by which they live. The upturned mouth from the Betta fish, which provides it a sizable lower lip, is {sign of|indication of} a carnivorous seafood species.

In captivity, it is crucial that Betta fish get the equivalent protein they’d on their own natural diet, and that’s why other fish meals (like individuals designed for gold fish) aren’t appropriate. You will find specifically developed pellets and flakes for Betta fish which should constitute your fish’s diet. I frequently see Betta fish care veterans recommend the very best Fin brand Betta fish meals, so they are things i began by helping cover their years back (but still use even today).

Pellets versus. Flakes

One thing you will need to decide when buying Betta fish meals are whether or not to grab flakes or pellets. I take advantage of pellets, since they tend to be more uniform in dimensions which means that feeding my fish "two pellets" at meal time will be comparable quantity of food, while flakes vary in dimensions and could be harder to measure.

Around the switch side, some Betta fish experts recommend flakes since they’re simpler for any seafood to swallow, which may be useful when presenting a brand new Betta fish to food that’s diverse from what he was bothering your pet store or breeder you have him from. Nutritionally, pellets and flakes are the same and ultimately your decision can be you. Fortunately, fish meals are cheap so when you are getting difficulties with either type you could grab another kind just for a couple of dollars.

Just How Much Is Enough?

Should you only remember one paragraph out of this article, allow it to be that one. When I pointed out earlier, overfeeding kills lots of Bettas fish and frequently the unskilled owner may have no clue what went down. As one example of why this really is a lot simpler to complete than you may factor, allow me to while you an issue: Are you aware how large a Betta fish’s stomach is? It comes down to how big its eyeball.

In addition, Bettas do not eat as frequently within the wild because they frequently do in captivity, and they also have very slow and efficient metabolisms. Actually, they are able to go days without eating should they have to, making overfeeding an infinitely more common threat to Betta fish health than starvation.

Along the side of your bottle of Betta fish food, there’ll most likely be instructions. Ignore them. They frequently recommend feeding 3-4 pellets two times daily, which is just way too much food. Rather, I’ve found 1-2 pellets each morning and 1-2 during the night to become an ideal amount.


Treats for Betta fish come in a number of things, however in general freeze dried bloodworms appear to win out as both most healthy option (there is a large amount of body fat but additionally lots of protein) and because the option that my own Betta fish appear to savor probably the most. Treats shouldn’t be an every single day occurrence, but every couple of weeks I love to substitute one feeding session with bloodworms rather. Your pet will like them but don’t forget, quite obviously in Betta fish care, don’t go crazy!

Help, I Think I have overfed my Betta fish!

While overfeeding could be harmful your Betta Fish, catching it early is the greatest key to ensuring it is not existence-threatening. Search for a bloated/distended stomach along with a fish that could be getting trouble swimming. If you see this stuff, stop feeding for any full 24-48 hrs, after which feed your Betta fish a little bit of frozen pea.

This really is made by microwaving a pea in a tiny dish water, then peeling from the outer skin. The pea may serve as an all natural laxative and help your dog’s digestive tract return to a proper condition. After feeding the pea, wait another few days with no foods and resume normal feeding when the Betta fish seems to become normal again.

Also, make sure to give consideration to obtaining Taking care of Betta fish.  The Betta fish Lover’s Guide, should you have not yet.  Think about it like getting a led selection of articles such as this about Betta fish care subject you are able to think about (discover more from our blog here).

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