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On BETTA FISH CARE, Never put two male bettas together within the same aquarium. Think cautiously before you decide to put a male and female betta fish together inside a community tank – when they choose to breed you will need to either slowly move the compensated to a different bowl or take the rest of the seafood out, or put a divider to your carefully aquascaped tank.

Bowl size – a minimum of two gallons

Don’t continue the cruel practice of keeping a betta fish within the littlest bowl possible. Keeping a betta fish in anything under a gallon container is cruel. Its type of like keeping a puppy inside a crate that’s just large enough for this to show around in. It could live, for some time, however it creates a really sick, very sad puppy.

Keeping your betta fish inside a bowl under a gallon means you’ll lose out on a myriad of awesome antics your betta fish could have been keeping you engaged with. Keeping a betta fish inside a two gallon or bigger bowl means you betta fish is going to be more healthy, more enjoyable to look at, and it’ll live longer. You’ll also need to clean the bowl a smaller amount frequently.

Where you can place the Betta Fish bowl

Your betta fish bowl or aquarium must be on the secure surface that does not have any sunlight and it has no recourse of having electrical equipment wet (quite simply, don’t place the bowl on the top of the TV). It must also be considered a place where you will find no drafts, with no warmth sources which go off and on. While a coffee table appear like the ideal choice, you might want to put a buffer underneath the bowl or aquarium – otherwise your seafood will jump from his skin each time someone puts a glass lower and transmits an enormous BANG through his home.


Between 75-80 levels. Bettas have to be stored warm. Warmer compared to average household, and certainly warmer compared to average household on the winter evening. Letting your bettas water even get lower to 72 levels causes stress, and can lead him to more likely to obtain sick. It will likewise lead him to lethargic, and half frozen bettas aren’t very fun to look at… they simply lie at the base of the tanks.

Warmth may come from the standard submersible, nonbreakable heater, for those who have a straight on the sides tank, or it originate from an electric heating pad or seedling heating pad put underneath the bowl. Whatever warmth source you utilize for less than the bowl, it should be low warmth, and it should be waterproof.

Water changes

Two gallon bowls have to be changed every 7 days, and 3 to 5 gallon or bigger bowls or aquariums have to be changed every 10 days to 2 days. For those who have a genuine round bowl, perform a complete 100% water change. Should you hae a fish tank, perform a 50% water change half as frequently as suggested above. For instance, for those who have a 3 gallon aquarium, change half water out every five days. Obtain a good water conditioner and treat your plain tap water. Using canned betta fish water with set you back 100s of dollars annually.

Betta Fish Feeding

Don’t feed your betta fish anymore than he is able to eat by 2 minutes. Don’t feed your betta fish more often than twice each day (morning and evening). Remember, your betta’s stomach is one of the same size as his eye. Adjust your feeding portions accordingly. After being cold and getting dirty water, overfeeding may be the next reason for betta fish illness and dying. It is OK to not feed your fish for a long weekend if you have to go away.

Companions or not

If you wish to keep things simple, just stay with one betta fish. If you want to possess only one more fish, obtain a cleaner just like a catfish. The next phase up in the catfish will be a little school of rasboras. At that time, though, you will need a ten gallon tank having a filter to suit everyone.

Plants & decor

Your betta fish will appreciate something to cover behind. If you achieve an active plant, it will likewise appreciate grazing on items of plant and algae every so often. It will not consume the plant just pick in internet marketing.

If you achieve an active plant, attempt to acquire one that requires low light – bettas can’t handle sunlight, therefore the plant will not receive any. A plastic plant will suffice if you won’t want to be worried about keeping the guarana plant alive too.

You may also give a ceramic castle or any other structure the betta fish can hide in or under. A rock or a little of driftwood is a fine addition. Just don’t overcrowd the tank – your betta fish needs room for exercise. Also, do not get anything with sharp edges that may tear among individuals beautiful fins.


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