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Betta Fish Deseases and Illness Prevention

Submitted by on 18 October 2010 – 17:19

Based on hobbyiest and betta fish breeder experience, Most betta fish diseases are caused by either poor water conditions or a poor diet. With a little loving care, most of these are preventable. On this post we’ll find easy to follow betta fish care instructions to prevent betta fish illness as well as how to diagnose and treat our sick betta.

How to prevent betta fish Diseases

  1. Change the water regularly. The entire tank water should be changed weekly (on a gallon betta tank), two time on a week is better if we use half of gallon water. To make the water last a little longer, ladle out 500 ml every couple days and replace it with bottled water. If you see the water getting cloudy, make sure you do a full tank change right away.
  2. Remove any uneaten food one minute after feeding. If left, this food will break down and create dirty water conditions which contributes to betta fish diseases.
  3. If you’re using tap water, let it sit for at least 24 hours so that it loses all of its residual chlorine. Treated water from the city water supply can cause betta fish illness.
  4. Betta fish hate changes in temperature. Make sure that the water you’ve had sitting out is the same temperature as the water in their tank currently.
  5. make sure the PH balance in your betta fish tank is ideal.
  6. Try to keep the tank water between 75 and 85 degrees
  7. Some parasites can live for a long time under very adverse conditions. Whenever you introduce a betta into a new tank make sure that you scald the bowl to kill anything that may be living in there

Healthy Diet to prevent Betta Fish Diseases

  1. Do not over-feed your betta. Betta fish eat very little because of their relative inactivity. Only feed your betta what it can eat in 30 seconds.
  2. Make sure to use betta supplemen food for more better, to keep your beta healthy as well as color enhancers to keep him beautiful and vibrant.
  3. Make sure that live food which we give to our betta are ‘clean’ from organism or toxin that able to make our betta sick. While live food is useful when trying to breed bettas, it can contain toxins that may be introduced to an otherwise healthy betta.

We hope this post is usefull, give valuable reference and can make hobbyiest to reach high survival rate on their spawn tank by reduce betta fish deseases and can make illness prevention better 🙂

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