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Submitted by on 8 March 2012 – 12:11

Betta fish food is available in a variety of forms, and therefore it may be confusing to a different owner attempting to figure just how much as well as what he ought to be feeding his Betta fish. To begin with, you’ve synthetic or developed meals, like flakes and pellets, after which more protein and body fat-heavy meals like bloodworms, brine shrimp, etc.

To a lot of us today, processed or synthetic food has an adverse connotation, but among the only reasons that Betta fish often live longer in captivity compared to the wild is the fact that we could provide them with a much better balanced diet compared to periodic bug can offer. However, you will find exceptions and below we’ll explore at length everything you may need to know about Betta fish food.

Firstly: your Betta fish food, a minimum of the primary diet, ought to be whether developed pellet or flake because, as evaded to above, you are able to improve your Betta’s lifespan by looking into making sure he’s a reliable food source.

Pellets or Flakes? Now you must an option to create, both of them are practically identical in dietary value, but you will find some benefits and drawbacks to every. For instance, flakes are simpler for that fish consume than pellets, are often cheaper (an additional benefit of being cheaper is this fact is most likely exactly what the pet shop feeds them, so they’ll be accustomed to this kind of food).

However, at the same time overfeeding gets to be more of the difficulties with flakes because pellets are usually uniform in dimensions and it is simpler to measure the appropriate quantity of food compared to flakes that vary greatly in dimensions. Ultimately, I select pellets for my seafood because it’s not hard to dole them out every day.

Note: In case your fish is not eating the pellets immediately, provide time, it required mine almost per week to provide in. Also, soaking the pellet in a mug of water before putting it to your tank can help soften it on their behalf as needed.

Feeding Amounts: Probably the most common reasons for Betta fish illness and dying is overfeeding, that is counter-intuitive because many food bottles for flakes and pellets will recommend a significant amount of food every day. If you choose to opt for pellets, 2-3 pellets once daily ought to be plenty. Also, attempt to feed around the same time frame every day, your Betta fish can get on the schedule and become super excited as he sees you and also knows you’re ready to eat!

Treats & Live Food: Despite the fact that what you eat ought to be well-balanced and nutrient wealthy, Betta fish love the kinds of live meals I pointed out earlier, as well as freeze dried bloodstream earthworms can make a tasty and protein-filled snack. Once per week I love to give my Bettas some bloodstream earthworms like a snack, just don’t go crazy if you are already given them their normal food on that day!

Food complications / Constipation: When you become so terrible where your Betta fish includes a blockage, you may be in a harmful point of no return. However, in case your Betta fish does get constipated or bloated, one large factor that will help is veggies.

Once from the simplest solutions would be to microwave a frozen pea inside a little dish water, then peal from the outer skin and feed him a little piece or a couple of the pea. These behave as an all natural laxative and may help your dog when normal Betta fish food would certainly cause further problems. Beware carrying this out for too lengthy though, as Bettas are carnivores and want protein so make sure to try to get the Betta fish eating normally again As soon as possible!

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