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Betta Fish Breeding Tips

21 November 2011 – 12:30

Betta fish breeding tips can help you breed these within the right manner. By using some easy Betta fish breeding tips, you’ll have the ability to effectively breed Betta fish seafood and acquire Betta fish …

Breeding and Keeping “Wild” Betta Macrostoma

10 July 2011 – 15:35

BREEDING AND KEEPING BETTA MACROSTOMA – Now we’re eager to cultivate and maintain another of betta fish families, wild betta. Therefore some of this time and will come, we’ll learn more and review how to …

Teknik Pemijahan Cupang

1 March 2011 – 21:10

Ilmu pokok bagi seorang breeder Cupang/betta splendens adalah TEKNIK PEMIJAHAN CUPANG yang benar, sehingga menghasilkan succes rate yang tinggi. Sebelum Pemijahan dilakukan, Pastikan bahwa indukan yang dipilih berkualitas. To the point saja ya Sob, Berikut …

Memilih Indukan Cupang Berkualitas

22 December 2010 – 16:02

Apakah Sobat Seorang Penghobi cupang hias saat ini sedang mencari dan MEMILIH INDUKAN CUPANG BERKUALITAS? Lalu, apa saja kriteria indukan berkualitas versi Sobat? atas dasar fisik (tulangan, bukaan, warna) bagus kah? atau cupang mahal …

Betta Fish Fry Food

21 November 2010 – 16:57

After Spawning process, next step that is also critical on breeding bettas is raising fry. On this step some factors which most important are keep water in spawning tank on good quality and give proper …

Breeding Betta Fish Lesson

20 November 2010 – 13:23

We are Sorry to repeat this post about breeding betta fish. We think this is basic lesson on betta splendens hobbies. On this moment, we try to describe breeding steps on simply and systematically. So, …

Breeding and Raising Crowntail Betta Fish

16 November 2010 – 08:09

I have some question that have been asked by my pals, what different treatment when we breed crowntail betta fish than other betta form? So, is there a difference between breeding and raising a good …

How did European Hobbiest Breed Their Betta Splendens

25 September 2010 – 10:28

Betta Splendens breeding, each betta splendens hobbiest may be have different way when breed their betta splenden. This defferences way may be adjusted with geographical, climate and other factors. In previous posts BettaPlus have written …