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Perawatan Cupang-Betta Halfmoon

18 February 2011 – 13:16

Cupang-Betta Halfmoon termasuk salah satu jenis dari betta splendens yang difavoritkan. Disukai karena keelokan siripnya yang panjang dan makin indah ketika mekar membentuk setengah bulan (halfmoon). Bentuk setengah bulan pada tipe betta ini merupakan hasil …

Mencegah Ekor-Sirip Cupang Kuncup

18 February 2011 – 08:25

Om, mau tanya dong, ekor cupang saya kuncup, apa sebabnya ya? dan gimana mengatasinya? Ya, Ekor Cupang Kuncup sering menjadi problematika para hobiis cupang. Apa penyebab sebenarnya? Ekor kuncup pada ikan cupang lebih sering disebabkan …

How to Take Care of a Crowntail Betta Fish

28 November 2010 – 05:47

Crowntail betta fish or simply known as betta splendens fish is a popular species of freshwater fish. These colorfull fish are very much in demand because of their beautiful structure of rays and fins are …

Treatment for Swim Bladder Disorder on Betta Fish

26 November 2010 – 08:40

Some of the problems that became one of the causes of death on betta fish is swim bladder disorder. Many hobbyist who had this matter on their betta fish confused to be overcome, and eventually …

Keep Good Quality Water on Betta Fish Tank

23 November 2010 – 00:53

Good water quality plays an important role to get success on breeding and raising good quality of betta fish. In this post, we discusse again the topic of how to maintain water quality to achieve …

Betta Fish Tank: Water Types & Parameters

22 November 2010 – 00:48

In previous posts, we have discussed how to maintain the quality of water in betta tank to keep it in good condition. Now, we’ll review a little about the type, quality and mineral content in …

Betta Fish Tank Water Maintenance

21 November 2010 – 17:01

This is another of the most important factors to get successfull on raising betta fish fry, maintain our betta fish tank water on good quality. We wanna try to explain some step that must we …

Betta Fish Fry Food

21 November 2010 – 16:57

After Spawning process, next step that is also critical on breeding bettas is raising fry. On this step some factors which most important are keep water in spawning tank on good quality and give proper …