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Guidance on Buying Betta Fish

2 March 2011 – 09:49

On this post, we write some GUIDANCE ON BUYING BETTA FISH. The simple step before you decide what the BEST BETTA FISH that you will is following some step bellow:

You should check what the surrounding …

Select Compatible Fish Species on Setup Community Aquarium

26 November 2010 – 08:19

We got some questions about what kind of fish can be maintained in an aquarium with betta splendens fish? In general, this question related to how to choose fish that ‘compatible’ one another in form …

How to Choose Good Quality Betta Fish?

24 November 2010 – 00:58

When purchasing a betta, everyone expect to get best betta fish which to buy. First and most critical on purchase betta fish is important to make sure the fish is healthy. There are some important …

How to Determine of the Gender of Betta Splenden Fish

24 October 2010 – 02:17

Sometimes, some of the beginners hobbyists of betta splendens fish still confusion in identifying the gender of their betta fish, which one is male and female. Therefore, we try post the following quick tips on …

Purpose of Acclimating New Home for Our Betta Splendens

29 September 2010 – 16:26

Whether your betta splendens just arrived from long journey (you bought them by online or just arrived from betta splendens contest that was held in other city)? This condition often make your betta stress. Before …

Garam dan Kesehatan Cupang Hias

13 August 2010 – 10:19

Menambahkan sedikit garam ke dalam aquarium soliter cupang? Hmm..selama ini saya melakukannya sebagai kebiasaan saja, tanpa tahu pasti apa manfaat sebenarnya terhadap cupang, konyol juga ya 🙂
Menambahkan sedikit Garam ke dalam aquarium betta splendens ternyata …

How to Acclimate New Home for Our Betta Splendens

23 July 2010 – 19:26

Fish are hypersensitive to their surroundings and need to be gently introduced to their new home, especially for betta splendens. If we bring our fish home and plop him directly into this new tank without …

Best Water for Our Betta Splendens Spawn Tank

1 July 2010 – 05:53

Almost of breeder have problems with water quality that they used for their betta splendens spawn tank. Especially with crowntail betta splendens variant. If this fish meet unstable PH in the water, their rays will …