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Facts About Crowntail Male Betta Fish

Submitted by on 21 November 2011 – 10:46

Facts About Crowntail Male Betta Fish – Crowntail betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish, really are a popular choice for fish lovers. They are available in {numerous|a variety of|many|a number of} colors and patterns, and therefore are really sturdy when looking at adapting to the aquarium. The crowntail betta fish derives its title in the unique fin design that it’s been bred. These fish create a dramatic impression using their vibrant colors and extreme fin extensions.

History of Crowntail Betta Fish

The betta fish seafood came from within the warm waters of Thailand, in which the seafood reside in the slow-water grain paddies. Domestic bettas deviate greatly using their wild alternatives, as they’ve been carefully bred to improve colours and fin qualities. An Indonesian breeder, Achmad Yusuf, ‘created’ the crowntail betta fish in 1997.

Characteristics of Crowntail Betta Fish

The crowntail betta fish derives its title from the unique tail fin. The sun rays from the tail extend well past the tail edge, giving the betta fish the appearance of putting on a crown. These betta fish have been completely carefully bred for fins with reduced webbing. An ideal crowntail may have a 50 % decrease in webbing. Just the male crowntail shows the big fins to produce the crown women routinely have much more compact fins.

Color Variations of Crowntail Betta Fish

Male crowntail bettas are available in many of colours and styles. The basic colors are red-colored, black (you will find four recognized types of black), blue, yellow, cerulean, pastel, whitened, multicolor, metallic and albino.

Proper care for Crowntail Betta Fish

Crowntail male bettas are tropical fish that need water temps between 80 and 85 levels Fahrenheit. While crowntail bettas can survive in small tanks, they are doing very best in a fish tank having at least 1 gallon water. Keeping a protective cover around the tank is recommend as bettas possess a inclination to leap out. Bettas prefer live plants to brighten their atmosphere. Crowntail male bettas are carnivorous, and therefore are given bloodworms to fulfill this requirement.


Facts About Crowntail Male Betta Fish – Male crowntail bettas ought to be stored in individual tanks, because they are very territorial fish. They’re known as Siamese fighting fish because of their combative character. Males can share a fish tank with female when the tank is big enough for that female to flee and hide in the male.

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