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How to Determine of the Gender of Betta Splenden Fish

Submitted by on 24 October 2010 – 02:17

Sometimes, some of the beginners hobbyists of betta splendens fish still confusion in identifying the gender of their betta fish, which one is male and female. Therefore, we try post the following quick tips on how to identify the sex of betta fish 🙂

Consider your source. The vast majority of betta fish in pet stores are commercially bred male plakat, halfmoon or crowntail bettas. If you are looking at a fish in a pet store and it has a long, pretty tail, chances are it is a male. Female pet shop bettas tend to be very plain in comparison, with short fins and muted colors. Be careful if you are trying to find females, though, as some pet stores will mistakenly label short-finned males as females, assuming all bettas with short fins are female.

Compare fish from the same genetic line. If you are trying to identify gender within a spawn, you can compare the fish to one another. Females will generally have shorter fins, a smaller body, and more subdued coloring than the males. These differences become more pronounced with age, and most full-grown males will have fins that are 2-4 times as long as the females. When the bettas are still young, however, the males and females will look very similar.

Look for the egg spot. Female bettas should have a small white spot on their underside which sometimes protrudes slightly. This is not always noticeable on all females.

Wait for the fish to grow. Determining the gender of young fish can be very difficult, but once the males reach adulthood they become very distinct from the females, and you should easily be able to identify them by their impressive fins. As they grow, males will tend to display more aggressive tendencies, while most females will live peacefully with their siblings (provided they have been together since birth).

Accurately sexing bettas is a skill that develops with practice. Experienced breeders can sometimes spot male bettas when they are as little as 3/4" long! Most male Bettas will have fins that cover the whole bottom part of the body. Females are sometimes only half. We hope this post can be valuable on help beginner hobbyist on identifying the gender of betta splendens fish 🙂

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