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Proper Water for Betta Fish Tank

Submitted by on 8 March 2011 – 17:11

Some Question was asked to me, about Which is PROPER WATER FOR BETTA FISH TANK. Lets check it out bellow ๐Ÿ™‚

Question: Is it wise to keep Betta Fish in distilled water?

Explanation: It’s probably not the wisest of decisions. Because distilled water is free of minerals needed for a healthy Betta fish.


Explanation: Aged Tap Water. Nine out of ten experts agree that aged tap water is the best for Betta fish and that includes both male and female. Side point, In some cases bottled water is alright as long as its a well known brand and you don’t mix different brands in the same tank or bowl. Just don’t use distilled water if you want to enjoy a happy and healthy Betta pet with a guaranteed long life span.Here’s something else we should know about water.

What About Aerrated Water?

Betta fish and aerrated water are not really a good mix at all! You may think that aerrated would be just what a Betta fish needs but keep in mind that a Betta has billowy type fins, and too much water flow and movement isn’t really good for them at all. Put a Betta fish in this type of situation and it’ll appear as it’s swimming constantly upstream. Keep in mind too that Betta fish are more inclined to suffer from the dreaded “fin rot”. And with calmer water you dramactically reduce the chance of this happening to your pet Betta.

The Correct Water Temperature Range on Our Betta Fish Tank

Betta Fish are tropical fish and thrive in water with a temperature (24-27ยบ) around the 75 to 80ยบF range. Too cooler temperatures and you’re taking a chance on your Bettas succumbing to all types of diseases. Higher temperatures and your Bettas will display signs of real distress. Usually this relates to a difficulty in breathing. If the temperature in the room is within the specified betta fish water temperature range you won’t need to worry or even install a heater.

Aquarium Tank Water Heaters

If it isn’t, then you will need to install a heater so that the water temperature is maintained at a proper level so as to keep your Betta fish happy and healthy. In conclusion: you’ll need to check on the ammonia level of the water too. If it’s too high this could be fatal to the Betta fish. Just pop down to your local pet stop and pick-up a water testing kit. They’re relatively inexpensive and it will help you to keep an eye on the quality of the tank water.


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