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Sick Betta Fish – Betta Fish Constipation

Submitted by on 21 December 2011 – 01:57

Betta Fish Constipation. These notes are for academic purposesonly. Attempts have been created to verifythe accuracy of this document, but youshould seek the advice of your regular qualifiedexpert these kinds of as a Vet.

If you determine toact on this data with out consultingsuch an professional, you do so at your ownvolition as I are not able to be held responsiblefor action you take. This explained I have madeit my business to test and re-checkeverything that has been inserted the following.

Constipation is not what is typically knownas a disease, but it is pointed out hereas betta fish commonly undergo from it. Thesymptoms to appear out for are:


Swollen belly

Lousy appetite

Over-feeding with food items this kind of as flake meals,freeze dried bloodworms or brine shrimp canbe the cause of your betta fish havingconstipation. While this meals is alright, youshould feed your bettas reside meals now andagain, offering them a selection in the diet.

In the wild the bettas try to eat bugs and this sort of,they wait around until they see a hapless insectdrop onto the surface of the shallow waterthey are living in and rapidly occur to the surfaceto catch them. As a result in purchase to maintaina healthy betta fish, you ought to not onlyfeed them with the frozen or dried food items.

To solution the constipation, instead of theirnormal meals, for 24 – forty eight hrs feed them withsmall items of cooked skinless pea (get itfrom the pet shop). Often the betta willrefuse to consume the pea, if that happens youwill have to starve him for the allotted timeas the fish demands to have his program cleanedout.

If the pea feeding is productive youwill plainly see the deposits on the floorof the aquarium and the swelling in yourbettas’ stomach will be reduced.

The pea acts as roughage and slowly and gradually doesits job of cleaning out the bettas’ technique.Failing this remedy, all you will be ableto do is wait and let naturel take more than.

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