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Best Tank Mates for Betta Fish

19 November 2010 – 11:27

Quick Fact: Bettas are aggressive, Male bettas tend to be fairly territorial and it’s best to house them alone.They are more aggresive than females. Male betta fish will attack other males that come in to …

Keep Our Betta Fish Healthy

22 October 2010 – 17:06

Want to keep Our Betta Fish Healthy? You’ve meet to the right post. Five easy ways to keep our betta fish healthy.
Betta Splendens regullarly live approximately 2–5 years in captivity. It is more than likely …

Common Betta Fish Diseases, How to Diagnosing It

18 October 2010 – 17:21

We hope this post can help betta splendens fish hobbyiest to diagnose the symptom of betta fish illness and learn a proven method of treatment. The most important thing we can do is watch our …

Betta Fish Deseases and Illness Prevention

18 October 2010 – 17:19

Based on hobbyiest and betta fish breeder experience, Most betta fish diseases are caused by either poor water conditions or a poor diet. With a little loving care, most of these are preventable. On this …

Ideal Tank Size for Betta Splendens

15 October 2010 – 11:30

What size tank ideal for betta splendens? These fundamental questions have appeared at forums Bettasplendens hobbyists, especially for beginner hobbyists. we know that in order to care for our Bettas so they have the best …