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1 June 2011 – 12:46

This post is an answer for several betta fish hobbiest’s question that are asked to me, epsecially about HOW TO CARE BETTA FISH, RANGING FROM FRY TO BE ADULT. Bettas Fish so they have the …

Tips : How to Heat Our Betta Fish Tank

28 April 2011 – 08:09

On keeping our lovely betta fish, we need also to keep their temperature water on betta fish tank. On this moment, we post a TIPS : HOW TO HEAT OUR BETTA FISH TANK. Bettas are …

Proper Water for Betta Fish Tank

8 March 2011 – 17:11

Some Question was asked to me, about Which is PROPER WATER FOR BETTA FISH TANK. Lets check it out bellow 🙂
Question: Is it wise to keep Betta Fish in distilled water?
Explanation: It’s probably not the …

Keep Good Quality Water on Betta Fish Tank

23 November 2010 – 00:53

Good water quality plays an important role to get success on breeding and raising good quality of betta fish. In this post, we discusse again the topic of how to maintain water quality to achieve …

Betta Fish Tank: Water Types & Parameters

22 November 2010 – 00:48

In previous posts, we have discussed how to maintain the quality of water in betta tank to keep it in good condition. Now, we’ll review a little about the type, quality and mineral content in …

Betta Fish Tank Water Maintenance

21 November 2010 – 17:01

This is another of the most important factors to get successfull on raising betta fish fry, maintain our betta fish tank water on good quality. We wanna try to explain some step that must we …