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Betta Fish Fry Food

21 November 2010 – 16:57

After Spawning process, next step that is also critical on breeding bettas is raising fry. On this step some factors which most important are keep water in spawning tank on good quality and give proper …

How did European Hobbiest Breed Their Betta Splendens

25 September 2010 – 10:28

Betta Splendens breeding, each betta splendens hobbiest may be have different way when breed their betta splenden. This defferences way may be adjusted with geographical, climate and other factors. In previous posts BettaPlus have written …

Pemijahan Cupang

12 May 2010 – 17:32

Proses breeding cupang/betta menurut sebagian hobiis adalah proses yang cukup menyulitkan sehingga banyak juga kalangan hobiis yang lebih mengandalkan ikan hasil pembelian ketimbang hasil breeding sendiri. Sebenarnya, proses pemijahan betta merupakan proses yang sederhana, memang …