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Setting Up a Betta Fish Community Tank

19 November 2010 – 11:28

The first thing to consider when establishing an aquarium that a betta will share with other fish and animals is the size. The rule of thumb is to have a gallon per inch of fish …

Popularitas Crowntail vs Giant, Plakat, Halfmoon Betta Fish

28 October 2010 – 14:08

Pagi ini, kami coba melakukan survey sederhana terkait trend pencarian pada mesin pencari mayor google berhubungan dengan hobby cupang hias | betta splendens fish. Keyword pencarian yang kami gunakan yaitu: giant betta, crowntail betta, plakat …

How to Determine of the Gender of Betta Splenden Fish

24 October 2010 – 02:17

Sometimes, some of the beginners hobbyists of betta splendens fish still confusion in identifying the gender of their betta fish, which one is male and female. Therefore, we try post the following quick tips on …