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Treatment for Swim Bladder Disorder on Betta Fish

26 November 2010 – 08:40

Some of the problems that became one of the causes of death on betta fish is swim bladder disorder. Many hobbyist who had this matter on their betta fish confused to be overcome, and eventually …

Common Betta Fish Diseases, How to Diagnosing It

18 October 2010 – 17:21

We hope this post can help betta splendens fish hobbyiest to diagnose the symptom of betta fish illness and learn a proven method of treatment. The most important thing we can do is watch our …

Dry Banana Leaf Treatment for a Sick Betta Fish

18 October 2010 – 10:58

We have just found an interesting article on the treatment of pop-eye and torn fins on betta splendens fish, using dried banana leaves. It seem worth to try. Some of you may have heard of, …