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Top Tips for Betta Fish Care!

Submitted by on 8 December 2011 – 01:56

Betta Fish Care Tips – Betta fish are stunning freshwater fish that occur in a selection of stunning shades. They make fantastic aquarium fish for numerous good reasons such as getting inexpensive to preserve and easy to care for. Like any pet however, a suitable technique of treatment is essential for good health and nicely-getting.


Also recognized as Siamese Combating fish, Bettas are one particular of the greatest-recognized kinds of aquarium fish. They originate in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and specified places of China and are usually identified in shallow waters this kind of as rice paddies and shallow ponds.

Betta fish generally reside for two or a few many years. Not like most fish they breathe by going up to the surface area of the water for air. This helps make them really straightforward to treatment for due to the fact their tank does not need an air pump, filtration or aeration.

Tank and Water

Bettas do nicely in bowls – a significant aquarium isn’t needed. Even so, do make confident the jar or bowl that you keep your Betta in is large ample for him to swim close to in very easily without having bumping his bout or scales. Also be positive there is a great deal of surface area place so that he can get sufficient air, and make confident to preserve the drinking water clear.

Maintain the tank or bowl in a warm spot – Bettas are tropical fish. The temperature must be around seventy five to eighty degrees. Make certain not to put the bowl in both direct daylight or a drafty spot.

Alter out a single third of your Betta’s h2o every single 3 days. Use “aged” tap h2o, which is h2o that has been set out for 20 four hrs. Make confident it’s the identical temperature as the drinking water in the tank and use a merchandise that eliminates chlorine as properly.

*Essential: By no means use a fish internet to catch your Betta when doing drinking water modifications. Their bout are quite fragile and can effortlessly get caught and ripped in the fiber of the web.

It is also a excellent concept to retain a lid on your Betta’s bowl due to the fact they can truly leap out. Just make confident the lid has holes so fresh air can get in. Depending on area, maintain a single or more reside crops in the fish bowl as properly: Bettas like to rest on leaves. There is a particular aquarium plant named “Betta Bulbs” available. Set the plant(s) in gravel, and be sure to preserve the gravel clean to steer clear of unsanitary tank circumstances.

Tank Mates and Other Species

Make certain not to maintain two male Bettas in a tank with each other because they will fight to the death. They will not get in touch with them Siamese Combating fish for absolutely nothing! Females, nevertheless, can be kept with each other. You can also retain each male and female Bettas with other non-aggressive fish species, but don’t combine them with any intense species or you may well have a fight on your arms! Bettas can be securely coupled with species this sort of as guppies, algae eaters or corydorus catfish.


Bettas ought to be fed when a day. Make positive you do not overfeed them, and never depart any uneaten food in the bowl. They can be fed freeze dried brine shrimp or freeze dried blood worms. They don’t usually like worm cubes or flake foods though. Check out your pet keep for Betta foods there are several types obtainable, and Bettas will fortunately eat most of them. Nonetheless, they like live meals such as dwell brine shrimp the greatest. For this explanation, a suggested portion of Betta fish care is to cure your fish to some reside foodstuff every now and then. It’s exciting viewing them catch and consume it!

Will not depart any uneaten foods in the drinking water. Following feeding, use a turkey baster to clear little particles of uneaten food or debris from the bottom of your Betta’s bowl. If you do not, the water will turn out to be cloudy and unsanitary – it will smell negative and be really unhealthy for the fish way too!


With Betta fish care, often don’t forget that fish are living, breathing creatures just like any other pet. It’s your obligation to feed and care for your Betta and make sure he has a very good setting to live in, just as you would a canine or cat. If you adhere to a very good method of treatment requirements, starting with the guidelines in this article, your fish will be wholesome and happy and will include motion and color wherever you keep them!

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